1. published 2011-10-11

My G502 finally gave up so i had to find a new phone (apparently life without a phone is impossible). I went with Sony Ericsson for the second time, a Mini Pro with Android 2.3.

The best thing is definitely the keyboard, i never got the hang of T9, now i can type at a pretty good speed and i do not dread writing text messages, i have tried both the Android virtual keyboard and the iPhone keyboard on friend's phones and i hate both. I am actually writing this on the phone right now.

I use Emacs! I want tactile feedback!

The phone is a bit big and heavy, and the battery drains too fast. But that seems to be a problem with all modern phones, they all suffer from iPhone envy.

The worst thing is all the crap-ware that Ericsson puts on the phone. Mcafee virus scanner, PopCon games to name just a few. All in trial versions of course.

If you could just remove this stuff i could accept it, but much of it is "burned in" and not removeable without root'ing your device. Actually the PopCon games thingy has a service running in the background on the phone at all times - no way to know what it is doing and what kind of data is is stealing.

I think this is a scary scenario, if our phones will now be as bloated as a windows pc when we buy them. And since there is no explanation about what the different programs do, it is impossible to know what they do unless you accept their license agreement thingy, and sometimes it is not even apparent after that. I am a fairly technical guy who should be capable of coping, but i can not imagine how "normal people" will feel when there are all sorts of crap-ware installed on the phone.

I would also like to see some ball-part-figure about how much money the companies are paying Sony Ericsson to put it on the phones, they have to decide whether to provide an inferior user experience and risk loosing future customers, or if they want to line their pockets right now.

But the keyboard is nice ;)

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