1. published 2010-12-03 10:15:36

Just a quick post to let you know about a new site i stumbled upon recently when i had to search the web for an exception message i got from a customer:

Ugyldigt højt erstatningstegn (0xDC48). Et højt erstatningstegn skal have en værdi fra området (0xD800 - 0xDBFF).

http://halfdans.net/images/blog/2010/Cheap ass hosting_thumb.JPG

If you do not understand danish you should still pay attention, because it might be you who have a danish customer who reports that the listed exception was thrown.

If you do understand danish you can try to decode the translated string (which is really hard), if you do not understand danish you are pretty much fucked.

This has been the state of affairs for many years on microsoft's platform, despite all their developers, developers, developers talk. I mean, how do you search for such a string?

Until now you were fucked, but i just found http://unlocalize.com which will translate your useless localised error message to the english equivalent, and now you can google for it!

It looks like it is completely machine generated, but who cares, it does exactly what it says.