1. published 2009-09-13

For a long time my primary animosity against windows has been the lack of a standard packaging system like on Linux, where keeping your system up to date is a simple process that does not require you to run 10 different programs with 10 different interfaces and rebooting 10 times.

In the past this has made my blood boil several times, two years ago it even got so bad i had to blog about it

Several months ago i created a program that will hopefully make this less painful in the future, and now i think it is time to tell the world.

You might have noticed the Vaca link on the top of this page which has been here for some months now too, it will lead you to my "repository" of Vaca sources.

Ok, let's back down a bit, what exactly is Vaca?

Well it is a simple "download and install program" which uses rss feeds to query when programs come in new versions. It simply downloads the newest version of a program's installer and executes it with the proper parameters to install without bothering you with the "next,next,next,next,finish" nonsense.

The reason for using Vaca is "obviously" to make it even easier for projects and bloggers to publish new versions of their software, they simple slap a vaca tag in their rss feed and Vaca will eat it all up.

Now, back to the Vaca link at the top of this page. It will lead you to a repository i keep of Vaca rss feeds (called sources). This is more a proof of concept than anything else, if Vaca takes off i know that i wont be happy with maintaining a list of thousands of software up-to-date. I don't scale well :)

I think that is enough talk, give it a whirl and tell me what you think. And if you start publishing any Vaca sources, incorporate Vaca in your product (please do!) or some other cool thing, please let me know!

If this gets enough leverage i will have to set up a bigger Vaca source site somewhere where admins will be able to edit the site without me having to be the weak link.

Happy Hacking!